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Hotel near Jameson Distillery


At the Jameson Experience, visitors take a tour of The Old Midleton Distillery and learn the journey through the story of Irish whiskey via an audio-visual presentation. The Jameson Experience is located a mere 20 minute drive from Clayton Hotel Silver Springs.

Old Distillery Trail

Follow the old distillery trail through mills, malting, corn stores, still house, warehouses and kilns and sample the renowned Jameson Whiskey in the bar with minerals for children. All tours are brought around the cooperage centre where you can learn all the techniques and skills in distilling.

Visitors can also see the largest original Pot Still, with a capacity of 32,000 gallons and the Old Waterwheel manufactured in 1825 to provide motive power prior to the days of electricity, and is still turning today.
While at the distillery why not take the opportunity to become a qualified Irish whiskey taster and be presented with a certificate.

Jameson Experience Tours

There are two types of tours available:

The Jameson Experience Tour is a guided tour of the Old Midleton Distillery. Includes: Film, walking tour and a Jameson signature drink. Duration: 75 mins.

Jameson Experience -Behind The Scenes Tour is an extended tour which includes a short film, guided walking tour, visit to key buildings on site and a premium whiskey tasting at the end of the tour. Duration 2 hrs 30 minutes

Another popular option is a Premium Whiskey Tasting where you can taste many of the premium Midleton Distillery whiskeys. Duration: 30 minutes.

After your tour why not dine at the Malthouse Restaurant, where there is outstanding local cuisine severed daily. The restaurant is very popular with locals so book early to avoid disappointment. If you’re not looking for cuisine why not pop next door to the Jameson bar where you may sample more drink or the seasonal whiskey cocktails which are provided.

Summer tours
(April – October)
From 10.00am – 6.00om
Tour times daily from between 10.00am and 4.30pm
Last tour starts at 4.30pm.

Winter tours
(November – March)
Tour Times:
11:00am / 1:00pm / 2:45pm / 4:15pm.