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Hotels near Blackrock Castle Observatory

Hotel near Blackrock Castle Observatory

A trip to CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory is filled with fun and educational things to do for kids, families and science enthusiasts.

Clayton Hotel Silver Springs is a short 15 minute drive from the observatory making it ideal to visit during your Cork stay. Located on the banks of the River Lee, the castle dates back to the 16th century when it was used as a defence fort to look out over Cork’s upper harbour. Today Blackrock Castle is a “Centre for scientific research” and is the perfect spot for a family fun-filled day out. There is something for everyone to enjoy from science, history and the cosmo world making your visit thoroughly worthwhile.

At CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory visitors may view numerous exhibits about science and space as well as experience some hands-on activities such as learning how to use a telescope. The guided tours of the castle are fascinating and offer a real understanding of the history of the building.

CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory opens from 10:00 to 17:00 daily.

At CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory there is something for everyone to enjoy. Stay at the Clayton Hotel Silversprings and sample our excellent accommodation including spacious family bedrooms, family-tailored dining options and abundant free car parking.


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