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hotel near fishing spots


Cork’s coast and harbour are world renowned for their excellent fishing, as are the rivers and lakes such as Ballyhass Lakes.

Cork’s coast and harbour are world renowned for their excellent fishing, as are the rivers and lakes such as Ballyhass Lakes. If you are planning on taking a trip angling in Cork, why not make a full event of it and stay at Clayton Hotel Silver Springs.

Cork Harbour Angling

Cork Harbour is one of the finest natural and well-sheltered harbours in the world, equally famous as being the last port of call for the Titanic and for its sea angling. Cork harbour has very varied habitats offering fishing for species such as bass, pollack, codling and wrasse. There are great opportunities to fish for conger eels, rays and other flat fish such as  plaice and turbot. There is a vast array on offer for the keen angler, both lure fishing and bait fishing. Cork harbours are also renowned for shark fishing. During the summer and autumn months, blue sharks are a popular target for anglers. Whether you are an amateur or greatly skilled Cork is an excellent choice for your angling holiday.

Angling Clubs

Visit the many angling clubs at the harbour for all your fishing needs. Ballyhass Lakes in Mallow is Ireland’s best known still spring water trout fishery. The main lake is fly only and can be fished from the banks but is best fished by boat. The water is 8–11m deep in most places with very clear visibility. Experienced anglers will be challenged to seek the larger fish from these depths. The absence of overhanging trees and the still water also makes this an ideal location to introduce anglers to fly fishing. Ballyhass Lakes also have an activity centre to cater for your adventurous side. Rock climbing, abseiling, raft building and archery are just a few of the outdoor activities available at the lakes.

Hotel Near Fishing Spots in Cork

Clayton Hotel Silver Springs is located near popular angling waters being a short 20 minutes’ drive from Cobh or 45 minutes’ drive from the renowned Ballyhass Lakes in Mallow.

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