What to do After you get Engaged

So, you’ve just got engaged – congratulations! It’s an exciting time full of celebrations between you, your partner, your families and friends. Although it’s not quite time to start planning your wedding, there are some steps to take after you say “yes” to help you fully enjoy your engagement. Keep things fun and stress-free with our guide of things to do after you get engaged.

1. Share the news with friends and family

This step is incredibly personal and it’s important that you share your happy news in a way that suits you best. Some couples like to enjoy the engagement between themselves for a while, others like to call friends and family immediately. Some will send a ‘ring selfie’ to their best friends WhatsApp groups and some prefer to share the news in person. Think about how you would like to tell people and do what suits you best. Our one tip is to share the news with those closest to you before you announce the engagement on social media.

2. Get your engagement ring sized and insured

The last thing you want is to lose your ring because it slid off your finger when it wasn’t insured. Avoid all of this by having your ring resized at a trusted, reputable jewellery shop and contact your home insurance company to have the ring named on the policy. The insurance company will advise you of the finer details such as valuation, excess and policy limitations. Take note of it all. It will be hard to part with your ring for the week or so that it takes to resize it, but it will be worth it.

3. Have an engagement party

Engagement parties can be as low-key or lavish as you want. The word ‘party’ can seem daunting but, a party can mean a number of things from having friends over for drinks, going for a meal, booking an area in your local pub or hiring a function room. The main thing is, everyone is excited and wants to celebrate with you. It’s important to celebrate these things whether it’s with 5 people or 50 people. Feel the love and celebrate it!

4. Consider doing an engagement photoshoot

Engagement photo shoots might seem cheesy to some couples, but they are great practice for your actual wedding photos. Chances are you two have never actually posed for professional photos together before. Book an engagement shoot to learn more about posing, posture and the style of photographs that you like. Do you prefer more natural, documentary style photos or do you prefer portrait style photos that are posed? Knowing this will be a great help when it’s time to choose a wedding photographer. You’ll also have an album of fabulous photos to look back on in years to come.

5. Set up a wedding savings account

As the engagement celebrations begin to calm down it’s time to start thinking ahead to the wedding, even it is this coming winter or next summer. It’s best to begin your wedding planning in stages or steps. Step one can be opening a savings account for your wedding. No matter how big or small your wedding will be its time to start saving for it. One good way to know how much you should be saving is to draft up a list of guests to see your approximate numbers and go from there.

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Once you have completed these steps, you will be into full swing wedding planning. Try to keep things fun, attend wedding shows, visit venues, try on dresses and attend showcases for wedding bands. Bring your parents with you and get everyone excited. Try to leave yourself with plenty of time to plan and organise the wedding so you can afford to take a break from things too.

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