5 Reasons to Give a Clayton Hotels Gift Card

5 Reasons to Give a Clayton Hotels Gift Card

1. Flexibility and Choice

When you give a voucher to a close friend or family member, it gives them flexibility and choice. In Ireland a monetary voucher is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase, giving them time to decide what they would like to buy. They can also choose what they want to spend it on. When you purchase a Clayton Hotel Gift Card you have the option to spend it at nearly 50 hotels across Ireland and the UK across all Clayton and Maldron Hotels, as well as The Samuel, The Gibson, The Belvedere Hotel and Hotel 7. They can also be spent on food, drink or accommodation.

2. An Element of Thoughtfulness

When you take the time to consider what the recipient likes, a gift voucher can be very thoughtful. Imagine how considerate you will seem, if you gift them a voucher for afternoon tea or a spa day, when they have mentioned they would love to do that or if you gift them a stay away, when you know they need a well-deserved break.

3. Encourages the recipient to treat themselves

By giving a gift of a hotel voucher, you are encouraging the recipient to take time out and treat themselves, which we all know can be much needed in this current environment. By giving a gift card, you are making them take time out to have a meal out or an overnight away.

4. Easier to stay on budget

Due to the monetary nature of vouchers, it is much easier to stay within yourvoucher. If you decide you are spending €100 on Auntie Mary, you can give her a Clayton Hotel Gift Card for €100. Clayton Hotel Gift Cards can be purchased at different monetary values from €10 up to €500.

5. Friendly to the Environment

When you buy a gift card you eliminate the chance that your gift will end up in landfill, because its unwanted or because you are keeping to a tight budget breaks. The recipient can decide when and what they will spend the voucher on.

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